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Instead of newspapers and other media companies buying parts of sports teams and naming rights to stadiums and arenas, maybe the sports teams need to buy part of newspapers … the Dallas Mavericks Newsroom, the Tennessee Titans Press Room, the Atlanta Falcons Satellite Printing Plant?

There would be fewer headaches for team owners than Mark Cuban’s “beatwriter cooperative” idea.

Cuban said:

Buying anything more than small ads in papers  to promote price
promotions for the Mavs has not worked for us. I would far rather
subsidize in depth coverage of the Mavs, even without any editorial
control then spend more money on advertising. Im a firm believer that
there is a foundation of readers who use the sports pages as their
primary source of local team information. That number may not be as big
as it used to be, nor will it be as big in the future. Thats ok.  The
numbers may not make the newspaper shareholders happy, but they are of
sufficient numbers to have an impact on the local sports market.

Hey, before you say, there goes that crazy Mark Cuban again, read his post on a beat cooperative with writers funded by teams but working for newspapers. Given the current conditions, it’s not that far-fetched. Yeah, and next they’ll only be delivering dailies three days a week.

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