Just send them this way

Here are the top referring sites to this blog during 2008.

The top two are really the same site since Glenn Reynolds has moved his Instapundit blog to Pajamas Media. It is interesting that for this site Google images ranks higher than the regular Google search engine. And Yahoo is a non-factor, showing up No. 60. And Twitter is very high, but Facebook not so much.

Thanks for the visitors!

  1. pajamasmedia.com
  2. instapundit.com
  3. images.google.com
  4. twitter.com
  5. google.com
  6. piratenews.org
  7. knoxviews.com
  8. saysuncle.com
  9. blogs.knoxnews.com
  10. images.google.ca

It’s quite a different list than for knoxnews.