Month: February 2009

  • Hey, it’s nice to be noticed

    The Inland Press Association presented its New Frontier Awards during its annual meeting in San Antonio earlier this week and knoxnews won a top “General Excellence” award. The judges said: The Knoxville site is everything you want a news site to be: It’s smartly reported, deeply local, and amazingly agile. There’s an immediacy about the…

  • David Bryne would miss investigative reporting by newspapers

    How does a democracy work without (in-depth) news? It doesn’t. While most of the population will not care about access to high-quality news, there are always some who read to find out what’s really going on, and why. Dictatorships, totalitarian regimes and underdeveloped countries don’t have the luxury of investigative journalism, and the news-as-entertainment in…

  • Marc Andreessen: “The game is completely over”

    The whole piece on newspapers starts about 28 minutes in. (via Alfred Hermida on