Watch this whacky case and hope for federal legislation

David AshenfelterThere’s a weird journalism law case going on Detroit that bears watching. Pulitzer Prize-winning Free Press reporter David Ashenfelter has been ordered to divulge his source for a story about a former federal prosecutor.

The former prosecutor, Richard Convertino, claims in a civil suit that the U.S. Justice Department violated his privacy when the reporter was provided with information about his misconduct that led to dismissals of two terrorism cases.

Ashenfelter has argued the First Amendment prevented the court from forcing him to reveal his source, but that was denied by the judge in the case. Since Convertino alleged that the sharing of information with Ashenfelter was a crime, the reporter has also invoked his rights under the Fifth Amendment.

It’s cases like this that cry out for a federal shield law to protect reporters. A bill passed by the House on March 31 is now under consideration in the Senate. Maybe this will be the year.

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