Month: May 2009

  • Sick media just the symptom

    You often hear editorial types describe the current problem of newspapers and TV as “it’s not an audience problem; it’s a revenue problem.” Maybe, maybe not. That sort of short-circuits the question of whether news, particlarly local news, is economically viable, and if not, how to make it profitable. It also possible the woes of…

  • Reading online comments shouldn’t be icky

    There’s been a lively discussion about online comments as a result of the APME Online Credibility Roundtable on Comments we held recently in Knoxville. Our excellent Roundtable guests raised many points that others are reacting too.  The comment threads are spread across at least three different URLs. You can see the discussion on Knoxviews, on…

  • A tip on a new tool

    Interesting new tool from Publish2, a “tip form” with tips managed in a database. Implementation is as simple as cut-and-paste.