First of a series of APME online credibility roundtables held

Credibility Roundtable

It would be fair to say when it comes to online, and more specifically comments on news sites, we’re making it up as we go. Because it’s evolving, it’s great to get some feedback and ideas from others. That’s what we did Wednesday night.

The Associated Press Managing Editors and the Knoxville News Sentinel held an “Online Credibility Roundtable” on comments Tuesday night at the United Way. It was the first of a series of online credibility roundtables APME hopes to hold around the country.

Blogger and participant Randy Neal has a report and Editor Jack McElroy has thoughts on how it went.

The Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation is helping make these sessions possible.

We’ll be doing more on this session in the coming days. Meanwhile, here are a few more photos.

(In the photo above, online producer Lauren Spuhler records attorney Tom McAdams as he makes some observations about the media’s responsibilities regarding comments, calling them, “the enabler.” Listening from left are Elaine Kramer, Bill Shory, Brittany Fulmer and William Rukeyser.)