Linking up at Bonnaroo

While I wasn’t at Bonnaroo, the mega music festival in Manchester, Tenn., I did some “link journalism” around it that I think added greatly to our coverage. See here, here, here, here and here. If you’re not dong links as news content you’re missing a great content resource.

It was just part of an overall coverage package.

Online producer Lauren Spuhler did great “covering” Bonnarroo mostly on her cell phone via our Twitter account @bonnaroonews as well as writing and shooting videos, some with our cell phone on
A large percentage of our coverage was on Twitter, the best way to reach the actual people at the festival.

(The Twitter stream for #bonnaroo was incredible.)

We have on a special section of all our Bonnaroo coverage, In addition to writing articles for print, Wayne Bledsoe blogged (where he posted several videos), and Saul Young posted on the “Forgive Us Our Lens.” the photo staff blog (oh, yeah, he wasn’t “working”).

Randall Brown also kept our Twitter account @KnoxvilleDotCom flowing even through he was in Knoxville with plentiful “retweets.”

They did some great stuff!