No rush to vanity URLs on Facebook, only 3 million so far

Tony Hung of Dive Jive Interests points to a Bloomberg piece that says about 3 million “vanity URLs” were grabbed over the weekend, some 500,000 in the first 15 minutes (that would be me).

He wonders if that’s really a “rush” considering Facebook has, oh, 200 million users.

I think it begs the larger question of the importance and awareness of
reputation management on the Internet — specifically realizing how
important it is to own your own Google Search results (particularly if
you have a reputation and profession you care about), how Facebook
ranks in all of that (can rank quite high), and how a Facebook vanity
URL containing keywords might in turn rank (again, theoretically
high).  But that’s really a post for another time.

Good point. I saw that social media evangelist Chris Brogan tweet that he didn’t plan on getting I’m not sure what Chris Brogan’s line of thinking was, but it would seem to me you want want to claim your name if possible.

Does any of this matter even if your name has some “brand equity?”