A not-so-secret scuffle over what’s secret

The Knoxville News Sentinel finds itself in the middle of a semantic veg-a-mantic between Us. Rep. Zach Wamp, R-Tenn., and MSNBC’s news personality Rachel Maddow.

Maddow picked up on a Michael Collins piece in the News Sentinel/knoxnews on the Washington conclave known as the “C Street House,” which Wamp shares with several other members of Congress. Wamp took public umbrage with her piece.

Here’s the News Sentinel story. Here’s a Chattanooga Times Free Press follow with audio from Wamp, a Huffington Post react and a Nashville Scene take.

Here are  couple YouTube videos.

One would think that Zach Wamp would just want to this go away as a distraction to his guvernatorial hopes in Tennessee. But he fanned the flame by disputing Maddow’s characterizations of the “C Street” housemates and Maddow has been happy to keep it going.

He’s ended up looking a little shifty in this one and Madodw is making some fans, one presumes, among certain Tennessee Republicans who generally abhor her..