A stranger than fiction story line that’s true

I go out of town for a couple of days and return to the surreal. Liberal Randy Neal and conservative Brian Hornback united in defending a blogger for the News Sentinel, a media company neither has been shy about calling out when they’ve felt moved to do so.

And that happens with some regularity. (Hornback likes to call the newspaper’s building “the Big Metal Shed on the Hill.”)

They and others, however, decried a bare-knuckled attempt by county mayoral aide Susanne Dupes to silence Scott McNutt, who writes a political satire blog for the News Sentinel called Snark Bites.

But Neal, Hornback and News Sentinel Editor Jack McElroy united on an issue? Why that’s right out of McNutt’s fictional Snark Bites.

Here’s what they and others have been saying.

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