A tool for creating clear understanding and agreement

Shaketool.com, a new site from a veteran group of Knoxville online entreprenuers, is going into wider beta testing.

What is Shaketool? It’s a Web-driven system for reaching agreement and, along the way, increasing mutual understanding.

Is it for you? Beats me. Give it a try and find out.

It’s the latest project of the group led by Danny McCall that also developed Talentsphere and its forerunner Digital Discoveries for human resource management in the workplace.

McCall said in an email “make sure you take this tool for a test drive with anyone, and in any personal or professional situation, ….wherever you wish to avoid. assumptions, misunderstanding, confusion or shirking of respective accountability.  We’ve worked real hard to make it VERY simple without compromising the power.”

It may sound kind of out there and it probably is. It wouldn’t be the first time McCall has seen concrete business opportunities where others have struggled to grasp his vision. That’s what visionary people do, right?

Who thought 140 character public postings would become a communications platform? I’m not predicting the next Twitter, but it bears watching.

Good luck, guys!