Month: July 2009

  • The Michael Jackson breaking news moment

    The above comic by John Campbell is a cynically funny view of news coverage of a celebrity death whether it’s Michael Jackson, whose death inspired the above, or former NFL quarterback Steve McNair’s yesterday in a bloody Nashville condo. Continuing a pattern we’ve seen in the past with Tim Russert’ s death and other breaking…

  • Patriotic … in the sense of citizen protest

    It looks very patriotic on the week of the Fourth of July, but I think it covered up a disputed sign on the side of the building of the Purple Pony. (And because it’s the Fourth, some fireworks photos from a couple years ago.)

  • The Internet Age that vanished

    There are no yellowing, faded newspaper Web sites. Except for the WayBack machine — the best we have, but admittedly spotty — the whole dawn of Internet newspapers from the mid-1990s on could vanish, never to appear in a yard sale or a treasure proffered up on the PBS’s Antiques Roadshow. A database crash, a…