Month: August 2009

  • Finding news in all places

    Jeff Cutler posted this video to of fellow panelist Bill Adee, editor of digital media at the Chicago Tribune, during our session on link journalism Thursday afternoon with Publish2 CEO Scott Karp at the SPJ convention in Indianapolis. Adee talked about ChicagoNow, Chicago Breaking News and Colonel Tribune. We had a great group with…

  • Spotlighting “Sunshine issues” also spurs open government opponents

    Ironically, one of the outcomes of the Tennessee Coalition for Open Government’s 2004 public records audit, the first such statewide audit in Tennessee, is that lawmakers are filing more bills to close records. In this year’s session, Tennessee legislators filed three times as many exemptions to open meetings, open records laws than normal. Read more.

  • Do you believe in the “sanity clause?”

    Groucho: “That’s in every contract, that’s what you call a sanity clause.”Chico: “You can’t a fool a me there ain’t no sanity clause”— Groucho/Chico Marx in A Night at the Opera (movie) The Southeastern Conferencde issued a revised Media Credental Policy on Thursday that comes a lot closer to being acceptable. Writing on the Associated…