5 questions that keep Ken Lowe up at night

1. Will media consumers pay for quality content on interactive platforms?

2. Shouldn’t we be worrying about our privacy?

3. Can we find a better way to measure audiences across platforms?

4. Why are you still watching commercials if you use your DVRs?

5. What marketing opportunities will emerge as interactive, mobile media evolves?

(Ken Lowe is CEO of Scripps Networks, which operates the popular cable networks HGTV, the Food Network and others as well as related Web sites. Lowe was the guest speaker at the 2nd Annual UC Marketing Summit 2009, held Friday in Cincinnati. This list of five were included in Michael Rubin’s running notes from the Summitt. Rubin, a social marketing manaager at an ad agency, also had some other observations from the speech, including Lowe’s thoughts on the growing importance of mobile.)