Something to say

The next couple of weeks seem to be all about giving talks.

Doing a roundtable discussion with Kevin Slimp and Tom Chester tomorrow at lunch at the Institute of Newspaper Technology. This session meets at Regas and should be fun. The institute cranked up on Thursday. Hope Tom and I can still hold their attention on Saturday; Slimp probably will have their heads filled to bursting by then.

Talking with some college faculty Tuesday afternoon about Skype and Twitter and such.

On Friday, Oct. 30, Kurt Greenbaum of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and I talk about “Social Media: Cheap & Simple Tools, Expansive Reach” at the Associated Press Menaging Editors Training Conference in St. Louis. Greenbaum has a great presentation I’m adding a few slides too. If you haven’t signed up for the conference, hurry on over and do that. There are lots of excellent sessions planned.

On Nov. 5, I’m doing a News University Webinar from the Poynter Institute on “Managing Comments on Your News Site.”. This one will be fascinating to anyone involving with wrestling with comments on news sites. It’s a hot topic with lots of ramifications for newsrooms. Now, if I can just survive the being on a Webcam part.