Month: December 2009

  • Tennessee Newspaper Network takes another step in its growth

    The four largest newspapers in Tennessee are expanding content sharing to collaborative coverage in the Tennessee gubernatorial race. The first result of that is a piece on the finances of the GOP candidates from the Knoxville News Sentinel’s Tom Humphrey that is on the front pages of the Sunday print editions and the Web sites…

  • Snowy morn in Knoxville

    An HDR photo of snow on the trees and our Christmas decorations. The star is a Moravian star. Taken Dec. 5, 2009.

  • Video training in Nashville in early January

    From the Freedom Forum folks: An Advanced Multimedia Boot Camp will be run by the Freedom Forum Diversity Institute, Jan. 6-10, 2010, at the John Seigenthaler Center in Nashville, Tenn. The course is open to any journalism educators, professionals, college students and others  who know the basics and want to become more sophisticated multimedia storytellers.…