Bulldog Calacanis bites comScore’s leg

Jascon Calacanis gets his rant on comScore, calling them “the technology industry’s biggest bully.”

It has always baffled me why people continue to rely on comScore when its data is so flawed, particularly when the data drills down to local markets. Generally, it’s beyond wildly wrong.

He called comScore a “protection racket” and says:

it was an unspoken truth for years that if you paid Comscore they fixed your numbers, and if you were a small company and didn’t, well, you suffered. Comscore would probably deny this, but their recent “pay to play” product shows their true stripes.

Calacanis tends toward hyperbole; his critics call him a blowhard. He’s definitely taken the gloves off on his long-running criticisms of one of the biggest online metrics houses. Bully for him!

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