They’ll have to tow Ruffin McNeill away

Ruffin McNeillGREENVILLE, N.C. (AP) — Ruffin McNeill didn’t say a word. He just
walked into the room filled with reporters and fans waiting to hear
from East Carolina’s new coach and repeatedly pumped his right fist in
the air.

He was home, back at his alma mater and in his native North Carolina.

“This is my destination job,” McNeill said Friday. “Let’s get that
out front right now. This is not a stepping-stone hop for Ruff. This is
where I want to be until you tow me away from here. You’ll have to drag
me away.”


A great way to start. McNeill sounds like he’ll do great at East Carolina and I wish him well. Amid the slew of  crazy college coach stories of the last few weeks, this is a positive one. Everything I have read about McNeill praises him as a person.

AP photo by The Daily Reflector, Rhett Butler