Mobile workshop for journalists coming up

From the Online News Association Newsletter today:

Save the date: “Smart Phones for Smart Journalists

Stay tuned for details on a training session that will bring you up to speed and place you a step ahead on mobile technology. Smart Phones for Smart Journalists will be held Friday, April 9, at the Freedom Forum’s John Seigenthaler Center on the campus of Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Admission is $35, $25 for ONA members and Diversity Institute fellows and alumni. Keep an eye on the Events Calendar for more details and to register.

This is about a workshop a committee I’m on has been working on for a couple months. We’ll be releasing our speakers soon (and it’s a great list). We have received critical sponsorship support from the Scripps Howard Foundation and CellJournalist Inc.

The workshop is a joint effort of the Online News Association and the Freedom Forum that we hope will be an attractive one-day training opportunity for journalists in Tennessee, the border states and beyond.

Working on this project have been Patrick Beeson of the Scripps Interactive Newspaper Group in Knoxville, Cory Haik of the Online News Association and The Seattle Times, Val Hoeppner of the Freedom Forum, Jack Marsh of the Freedom Forum, Jane McDonnell of the Online News Association, Ken Sands of the Online News Association, Sherry Salko of the Online News Association, Knight Stivender of The Tennessean, Tracey Trumbull of the Chattanooga Times Free Press and myself.

Again, mark your calendar for April 9.

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