A Pirate should take home Oscar booty

I don’t do Hollywood as a blog topic, but here’s an exception. I do want Sandra Bullock to win an Oscar on Sunday. I really do.

Sandra Bullock � tra noi e non lo ce lo dice

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Competing against Bullock for the best actress Oscar this year will be perennial favorite Meryl Streep, who won kudos for her portrayal of chef Julia Child in “Julie & Julia.”

“If Meryl wins,” Walters asked, “what will you say to her?”

“I’m gonna beat the s*** out of her!” exclaimed Bullock, without missing a beat. “No, I’m just kidding. Um, you know that.”

“And thank you, censor,” said Walters.  (ABC News)

Why do I want Bullock to win? Blind Side is a great movie, of course, and ehe is superb, but Bullock is also another East Carolina University alum, so there you go. From Wikipedia:

She left East Carolina during her senior year in the spring of 1986, only three credits short of graduating, to pursue an acting career. She moved to Manhattan to pursue auditions and supported herself with a variety of odd jobs (bartender, cocktail waitress, coat checker, etc.)

Bullock (class of ’86) later completed her course requirements. She was quoted in a 1990 university publication as saying: “At ECU I could go through everything a kid should go through in college. Some of my best memories are of East Carolina.”

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