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Below are a few links I pulled together for a pizza lunch (and I wonder why so many accepted the calendar invite) at the News Sentinel today on “Brand Me” for journalists.

Personal branding and the use of Social Media networks can be a controversial topic for journalists, after all more than one has been fired (euphemistically forced to resign) over something they said on Twitter or Facebook or in a blog.

Also, many journalists are uncomfortable about promoting themselves or their work even in the information overload world we live. The early adopters in our newsroom have had few concerns or issues about getting involved in Social Media buzz, but as more journalists are being encouraged to get involved, concerns or frets have surfaced that often don’t have easy answers.

it is clear many journalists, however, are using Social Media, the Internet, and all the digital media at their disposal to draw readers/viewers/audience to themselves, to enhance their credibility and reporting authority, and to find stories, even scoops.

News via social networks and having an identity on social networks is becoming a “must have” within news organizations. Just this week, Facebook published “Facebook + Media” to promote best practices for journalists, developers and media partners.

Where do you weigh in on “Brand Me” for journalists? Are there additional links I should have included below?

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