Just ask: “What would Ben Franklin do?”

Journal Register declares independence from “old way of thinking about how we do business.” https://bit.ly/duu4J4Sun Jul 04 16:15:22 via TweetDeck

I saw Journal Register CEO John Paton talk about this in Las Vegas at the Editor & Publisher show. It will be interesting to watch how this plays out. I only wish we would see this innovative experiment also tried at a more financially healthy media company.

Jon Cooper, vice president of content for Journal Register (and pictured below) said:

Jon Cooper of the Journal Register

What began as a quiet conversation back in April has become a wide open
opportunity. What seemed impossible less than 90 days ago has become
reality and has left us asking “why not?” and “what’s next?”

To spin Jeff Jarvis’ famous question: “What would Google do;” let’s ask “What would Ben Franklin do?” Jarvis, who has been consulting with Journal Register, weighs in.

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