Month: July 2010

  • It was news, but was it working?

    Long-time Knoxville radio news broadcaster Dave Foulk has built up 4,229 friends on his Facebook page. Maybe Foulk personally knows over 4,000 people and counts them as friends; I kind of doubt it. They were there for another reason. They had grown accustomed to his frequent, short police-scanner type posts throughout the day. Stalled car-…

  • Oh, no, not again Delta

    Image of Kevin Slimp Knoxville-based newspaper consultant Kevin Slimp’s luck with Delta Air Lines continues to be a muddled mess of delays and cancellations. A column Slimp wrote on a June trip to and from hell and the resulting customer service torture appeared on on Sunday (we also wrote about it earlier). And so…

  • Innovation winners

    Congrats to the Knight-Batten Innovation Award winners! All 30 ideas look exceptional.