Month: August 2010

  • Newspaper newsrooms need to adjust the metabolism

    The Knoxville News Sentinel ran Part 2 of the Scripps Howard News Service package on the “Future of News” today. The first installment ran Sunday. (Other E.W. Scripps newspapers ran the series or parts of the series earlier. Several, like the News Sentinel, also did local pieces to go along with it. My contributions were…

  • There’s a future in news

    E.W. Scripps newspaper editors and online managers collaborated on a “Future of News” project this summer that ran in some newspapers last weekend and is on today and Tuesday. It was a challenge put forth by Chris Doyle, the company’s new vice president for content. It was part self-education and part reporting project for…

  • This post has not been tape recorded

    Among the AP Stylebook changes announced Friday: video recording Precise term for digital audio and visual recording. Digital has largely replaced videotaping. videotape (n. and v.) Largely replaced by digital recording. The terms apply only if tape is used.