Let’s see there’s AP, Reuters, CNN and Twitter

 …there is something interesting in what (Twitter founder Biz) Stone seemed
to be describing: using the massive stream of 100 million tweets a day
that flows through Twitter as the basis of a kind of digital-age
Associated Press or Reuters newswire, which news organizations could
share and use as a tool for distributed eye-witness reporting from
around the world.

— Matthew Ingram at GigaOm

Ingram, noting that Twitter already is a news service, but one where it’s often hard to find the informative messages (or news) among the conversations and personal musings, suggests that Twitter ought to be working on tools that make it easier to curate or filter the less than 140 character dispatches.

That’s a good idea and one Twitter would do well to listen too. Twitter seems to be trying to develop closer ties to journalists and news organizations. Some months ago it created a media.twitter.com blog, but has not been posting to it that much. The Washington Post is among those beta testing its “promoted Tweets,” a fancy way of saying selling advertising.

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