Editors armed with iPhones and notebooks invade Kennedy Space Center

Last week, E.W. Scripps editors, website managers, and corporate interactive folks (among others) took a break from strategic planning in a windowless hotel conference room in Orlando to tour the Kennedy Space Center.

It was part of the work being done for the launch of a new space site, which officially debuts Thursday. It’s live now, however, with a lot of work still going on.

As part of the site launch, there will be lots of live coverage on the site of the Discovery shuttle launch, set for 4:50 p.m., including live streaming of the liftoff and a live chat. It’s the last space flight of the Discovery.

The video above, mostly shot with the camera in the iPhone, is from the tour.

Give the site a look. It’s www.spacetimesnews.com and if you have suggestions, let me know. I will pass them on. Part of the purpose of the site is to give a place to try out a few new things.

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