Month: April 2011

  • Reuters pursues mobile strategies on multiple platforms in multiple countries

    Ilicco Elia, Head of Consumer Mobile Products for Reuters, speaks at “The Mobile Migration Workshop” in Nashville, Tenn., on April, 1, 2011. He spoke via Skype from the UK. More videos of the presentations at the workshop are on YouTube. The workshop was co-sponsored by the Online News Association and the Freedom Forum Diversity Institute.

  • Responsbility in communication is vital to the future of the First Amendment

    John Seigenthaler of the Freedom Forum speaking at “The Mobile Migration Workshop” on April 1, 2011 at the John Seigenthaler Center in Nashville. Seigenthaler compared Wikileaks to the Pentagon Papers. It may be irresponsible, but irresponsible speech is protected by the First Amendment. However, he said responsibility in  communication is vital in protecting First Amendment […]

  • Upon discovering the Dallas Morning News had no viable digital business model …

    Grant Moise, digital general manager of the Dallas Morning News, says the  realization by his company that its digital stratgies had no vilable business model  led to its current efforts with premium content, tablet apps and new digital products. Moise talked about the closed watched strategies unfolding in Dallas at “The Mobile Migration Workshop” on […]