Here’s our deal: If you leave a civil comment, we’ll pay attention to it

If there was a Billboard Top 10 for journalism hot topics, the discussion on online comments on news sites would have gone platinum several times over.

There’s a new round of debate, discussion and general consternation this spring.

The Yakima Herald-Republic shut down its commenting system just over 10 days ago and will come back in July with a system that requires real names.

Deirdre Edgar, readers’ representative of the Los Angeles Times, had piece on June 10 headlined “Our goal of civility is falling short.”

Edgar explains of the measures The L.A. Times and other newspapers are taking to better manage comments while continuing to allow them. But she included a line from an email from Op-Ed columnist Patt Morrison. who said:”Personally, I think most comments were of a higher quality when they required pen, paper and a stamp.”

The Boston Globe is joining a growing number of news sites that are outsourcing some pieces of comment management.

The Associated Press Managing Editors circulated a survey last week to newsroom leaders seeking feedback on online comments.

Here’s a roundup of recent articles and discussion on comments.

Here’s my complete list of nearly 150 bookmarks about online comments.

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