The image of the Tennessee Legislature is growing more frightening and distressing

Did the TN legislature become the first living brain donors? | cc @jacklail @jeffjarvis #photogSat Jun 11 18:23:36 via web

Michael Silence has a roundup of reaction to a new Tennessee law that outlaws images that, well, you might find “frighten, intimidate or cause emotional distress.”

The drafters of the bill were apparently hoping to update the statutes regarding cyber bullying, which laudable, but many commentators on the new law say it went too far and is unconstitutional.

Cari Wade Gervin says take a deep breath, it’s not you won’t run afoul of the law unless you’re a “crazy creepy cyberstalker.”

I doubt we’ll have to wait long to find the first person to run afoul of this. Frankly, quite a few Faceobook profile pics frighten me.

This is the same Legislature that made sharing Netflix passwords illegal.Thankfully, lawmakers are out of sessions and can’t pass any more bills to fix the Internet for awhile.



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