Newsrooms that say they are succeeding at the ‘two-way street’ are mostly lying

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Even if newsrooms don’t want to adopt Joy Mayer’s value statements listed below, this should be something newsrooms are discussing. Many journalists are still very uncomfortable with the “two-way street” idea. Mayer has spent a year on a Reynolds Journalism Institute fellowship doing research and producing guidance on audience engagement.

The value statements from her latest report:

Our core audience feels a connection with us.

We actively reach beyond our core audience.

We appear to be and actually are accessible, as a newsroom
and as individual journalists.

Individual community members feel invited into our processes and products
and encouraged to help shape our agenda.

We find ways to listen to and be in continual conversation with our community.

We continually alter what we cover, and how, based on what the audience
responds to.

It is easy for community members to share their expertise and experiences,
and we value their contributions.

We amplify community voices besides our own.

We invest in our community and are seen as a community resource.

Our content reaches the audience where, when and how it’s most useful
or meaningful.

There are a variety of ways users can act on, share and react to our news
and information.

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