Let’s take a moment to bloviate on reporters

Rachel Maddow in Seattle.

Rachel Maddow in Seattle.
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Rachel Maddow, appearing on Wednesday on Howard Stern’s radio show:

“What I’m worried about with news is we’re moving to all these business models where nobody is paying the reporters. Everybody’s paying people to comment on what  reporters turn up. Nobody’s paying the reporters. There have to be reporters. There have to full-time editors. It’s got to be a professional gig.  Otherwise, the rest of us who bloviate for a living are not going to have any facts on which to base our bloviation.

“If something important happens in the country somewhere in Oklahoma, thare’s got to be good reporters in Oklahoma who go cover it, who tell the rest of the country what’s happening there. And if all the local reporters get cut, we’re screwed.’

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