Month: April 2012

  • Training as a dangerous idea for journalism

    My April Carnival of Journalism entry offers up training as my most dangerous idea for pushing the boundaries of journalism. A roundup of all the responses to “What is your most dangerous idea for pushing the boundaries of journalism” will be posted sometime afer April 30. Do you find training as an odd choice?  

  • Another look at recording police officers on the job

    Glenn Reynolds (Photo credit: jacklail) Police arresting citizens, including journalists, for taking photos or videos of them performing their official duties and seizing their camera or cellphones has become increasingly common. Typically, the vaguely broad interfering with a police officer laws are used to stop audio, video or photographic recording. University of Tennessee law professor…

  • We toot our horn

    This blog won “Best Blog” not affiliated with a news organization from the East Tennessee Society of Professional Journalists in awards announced Friday night. Lots of great regional journalism was honored; read through the list.