Month: May 2013

  • Does journalism even need articles?

    The hiring of Anthony De Rosa from Reuters as editor-in-chief has given fresh buzz to Circa, which does “atomized” content, adding nuggets of info to continuing stories. I’ve been using the app for awhile and, while I like it, it’s not yet got for me a compelling daily must-read. But the Circa team is onto…

  • Every journalist needs hacking tips from the NSA

    And here they are in over 600 pages. The back story about the PDF from Wired, which says the e-book got released as a result of a Freedom of Information request (thanks Sunshine) filed in April. Some of the stuff is out of date, but much of it is not and the tricks and tips…

  • Mapping hot videos

    I like this new trends map YouTube announced yesterday. It’s a great data visualization.