Instapundit at 12

Knoxville blogger and law professor Glenn Reynolds’ Instapundit blog turned 12 just a few days ago. Here’s his first post.

It’s a dozen years worth noting. By any measure, his is one of the most successful blogs ever and a model for a disruptive news source.

Reynolds’ blog gained national attention almost from the outset and developed a huge following. Many bloggers in Knoxville, in Tennessee, in the United States and even around the world credit Reynolds in one way or another for inspiring and encouraging them in their own blogging efforts.

Here’s a nice piece by Ed Driscoll posted Saturday.

And here’s a piece I wrote in 2010 to coincide with the 10th anniversary of 9/11, which was roughly a month after the founding of Instapundit. And a blog post marking Instapundit’s 10th year.

Mazel tov, indeed.