Students reinventing journalism at MTSU

I’m interested to see what the “Bragg Innovative News Network” looks like when it launches Monday. The network was announced by Middle Tennessee State University earlier this week.

BINN, as it’s being called, is a concept developed by nine MTSU students who aim to “knock down the traditional foundations of a journalism education” with cross-platform reporting. It’s part of the MTSU’s Center for Innovation in Media.

The above video above is a promo piece, but what the students have been working working will be broadcast Monday as part of a television show airing locally on Comcast Channel 10 on the student TV station, MT10, and radio segments on WMTS, according to a university news release. The stories also will be part of the final fall 2013 edition of Sidelines Dec. 4.

binn.jpg“…The Center for Innovation in Media is all about generating fresh takes on existing media and anticipating future media. What we love here is that talented students generate concepts that not only will serve students and public today, but will also kind of lay the groundwork for the media of the future,” Ken Paulson, dean of the MTSU college of mass communication told The (Murfreesboro) Daily News Journal.

(Paulson, a former editor of USA Today, became Mass Communication dean at MTSU on July 1.)

BINN includes a website, TV pieces, print packages and radio stories. It’s great seeing some interesting experiments in the future of journalism at the university level and at a school in Tennessee.

(Photo by John A. Gillis/DNJ)