Month: August 2017

  • Rich Boehne takes a look at back at E.W. Scripps

    Rich Boehne has stepped down as CEO of the E.W. Scripps company. Here’s a look back in an article on the Scripps-owned WCPO website. Ken Lowe, CEO of Knoxville-based Scripps Networks Interactive said: “I don’t think his goal was to ever exit the newspaper business. His idea was to figure out a way to get…

  • Google introducing new subscription tool for publishers

    Maybe Google and Facebook need publishers after all? From Bloomberg: “It’s clear from news publishers that they can’t live on advertising alone,” he (Richard Gingras, Google’s vice president for news) said. “But it’s also clear that we’re seeing a shift in a market.”  

  • Updated site

    I overcame inertia and turned the lights out on my old Movable Type blog CMS and moved to WordPress and SSL. Things went pretty well (it seems).