Reports from the front lines on the war journalists

I participated in a panel Tuesday called “I’m right, you’re wrong–you stupid jerk” or incivility towards journalists on social media. The panel was part of UT’s Social Media Week. Others on the panel discussion were Knoxville sports radio personality Heather Herrington, UT professor Dr. Mark D. Harmon and East Tennessee Society of Professional Journalists President Annie Culver as moderator. Check out the Twitter coverage of #UTSMW19.

Here’s the video of the session.

In preparing for the session, I found a lot of research and tools just from the last year. Here are some of the best links I found.

It’s a Worldwide Issue

Women are particular targets and it’s personal.

Other targets: Jewish journalists, journalists of color, LBGT journalists.

It’s on the rise. Many believe President’s Trump anti-media rhetoric is creating a climate for more hate toward journalists. Anti-media conservatives and hate groups are taking cues.

It’s affecting mental well-being, causing stress and trauma.

It’s affecting career choices and has a good number of journalists, particularly ones in the early part of their career, reconsidering career options.

The foes of journalism and journalists are winning. Attacks against journalists are affecting coverage. Some journalists are avoiding covering stories they know will generate attacks.

There is a bit of a “code of silence” about attacks; some believe there is nothing that can be done.

News organizations need to do more to help their journalists.

There are some excellent guides on how to deal with online harassment and attacks, including covering online security. Committee to Protect Journalists Safety Tips and PEN’s Field Guide.