Second Knoxville Tesla Supercharger under construction

Tesla supercharger. (Public domain via Flickr)

UPDATE: This 250 kW supercharger recently became operational and should make supercharging in Knoxville a bit easier. The 150 kW supercharger in Turkey Creek was often full and with a line on weekends.

Photos appeared Tuesday in Tesla groups on Facebook of a second supercharger in Knoxville. which looks like it could be functional within a few weeks.

The under-construction eight-stall supercharger is near the restaurant Bistro by the Tracks off Northshore Drive between Papermill Drive and Kingston Pike.

It has easy access from Interstate 40/75 and several restaurant options for travelers.

Earlier this year, Tesla listed a second Knoxville Supercharger as slated to open sometime in the fourth quarter of this year, giving no precise location. It appears the Knoxville location was accelerated.

Why it matters: The current Knoxville Supercharger at Turkey Creek is often at or near full capacity. On heavy-travel holiday weekends, Teslas can be lined up waiting to charge with the only alternatives in Pigeon Forge, Chattanooga, Cookeville and Bristol.

And Tesla has announced plans to open its charging network to non-Tesla vehicles by year-end.

Tesla is expanding its supercharger footprint in Tennessee with a recently opened supercharger in Pigeon Forge and ones planned for Crossville, Kimball and Memphis over the next 12 months.

Temporary Tesla “urban chargers” were put in just for the Christmas holiday travel season at Volunteer Landing on Neyland Drive, but were removed early this year.

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