A short list of features a Tesla does not need

Tesla Mobile Connector Bundle

Tesla has decided to drop the mobile charger as part of the standard accesssories with its all-electric cars.

The decision was noticed Saturday and later confirmed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The social media reaction came swiftly to news of dropping as standard equipment of the $275 Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle, which is, interestingly, out of stock. The company also sells a Corded Mobile Connector, with improved charging speeds from the Gen 2 model, for $400, but it is also out-of-stock.

Later Saturday, Musk tried to drain some energy from the brouhaha, tweeting:

(Short pause … wonder what the profit margin is on that item?)

Twitter users are applying “usage statistics” logic to other features of the car.

Here’s a list of features a Tesla doesn’t need due to “usage statistics super low.”

There you have it, the list of “usage statistics super low” that can be dropped from Teslas.

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