Author: Jack Lail

  • Ink-stained wretch in search of ink-stained wretch

    Seattle-based journalist Sanjay Bhatt has created “The Ink-Stained Wretches Club,” a Ning group, according to the Fitz and Jen blog on the Editor & Publisher Web site. Being an ink-stained wretch, I joined up. But that got me wondering who coined the commonly-used phrase “ink-stained wretch?” A cursory walk through Google turned up no definitive…

  • The new, new thing: White trash computing

    This is an obvious growth industry for Tennessee. The governor ought to hire the Red State guys in Murfreesboro to pitch Tennessee to Microsoft.

  • A business model built on intransigence

    A lot is being written about CNN’s intentions on being a wire service to newspapers. On Twitter yesterday, media strategist and all-around digital news pioneer Steve Yelvington said: Am I supposed to take CNN seriously as a potential newswire? It keeps Lou Dobbs and Nancy Grace, fires Miles O’Brien and sci/tech team. (More on the…