Month: February 2006

  • Flashing 12’s

    OK, I don’t know where I’ve been, but I had never heard the above term until Wednesday when I was listening to Rob Walch’s talk on podcasting. But I love it.

  • Knoxnews, GoSmokies win Edgies

    Two sites I spend my life on — knoxnews and gosmokies — won Edgies at the NAA Connections. That is great! Here’s a news release.

  • Guest blogging in Disneydom

    I’ll be participating in a group blog at the Newspaper Association of Ameria’s CONNECTIONS confab starting this weekend in Orlando. See the blog here. There’s a group of 29 foks that volunteered to blog at the show — heck, that’s a virtual newsroom of writers. Should keep us out of trouble!