Month: May 2006

  • Gimme that broadband

    Tags: Broadband | New Media | Media | Technology The Pew Internet & American Life folks released late last week their latest Broadband survey and it’s got some really interesting findings. The headline: Broadband adoption grew by 40 percent in the past year with the Telcos the winners.

  • Costs of Free-dom

    Tags: Marketing Marketer Seth Godin wonders if one of the downsides of “free” as a business model is the “freeloader problem” wherein free “isn’t just an inducement to pay attention, but is, in fact, a right.”

  • Rainwater Ramsey Tales

    Rainwater Ramsey Tales

    Faded memories, stories that changed with the tellers . . . or just crumbled over time. I got a letter today from my mother with a clipping from a September 10, 2003, column in The Dickenson Sun/Cumberland Times. Columnist Anna Belcher was writing about my great-great-grandfather on my mother’s side the family, Rainwater Ramsey, who…