Month: July 2006

  • News Flash: Blogger read news

    Traditional media, newspapers in particular, are struggling mightily to attract younger readers. Very little has worked to date. The average print newspaper reader is 55 and getting older. Even newspaper on Web sites, where the average age is younger, the average age has become trending up. Beyond the headlines of a new Pew Internet and…

  • Fans at The Colbert Report?

    I learned today that a screen grab from KnoxNews was used last night on The Word segment of The Colbert Report. Here’s the video from Comedy Center’s Web Site. The segment was about “It’s time for management and labor to come together as management to exploit labor.” Don’t know how they came to find our…

  • A couple of photos from Mark

    Here are a couple photos that Mark took while at his grandparents house in North Carolina.