Month: July 2006

  • Try it, NOW

    MEDIALIFE has a nice, short piece on the “hotbeds of experimentation” in the newspaper industry and some of the interesting things going on. Here’s a graph: “I really think one of the biggest challenges for us in the newspaper industry is to figure out how to aggregate better, and that’s really counter-intuitive for us old…

  • Enough to give poltiical parties a heart attack, Dr. Frist

    Tennessee shapes up as a key battleground state again this year with control of the Senate in the balance. A Tennessee seat is in play because Senate Major Leader Bill Frist said he wouldn’t seek re-election when he ran for the office (he didn’t say at the time he had his eye on running for…

  • Cottars update

    I wrote about the Cottars in February and I got an email today that says they are breaking up in November. Dang! Thanks to David Ogilvie for the heads up.