Month: October 2006

  • A Google bombing run

    I noticed this in our referring domain stats for Tuesday on knoxnews. Blogger Chris Bowers, self-described numbers geek and political strategist, has launched a Liberal guerilla effort at search engine optimization. I noticed a number of sites that have the set of links he posted. Don’t know if they are all related blogs of the…

  • Simple is good

    We bought one of these Pure Digital point-and-shoot video cameras. Seems to be an awesome value in a simple-is-good package. Anyone one else tried them for news video? We’re hoping to arm reporters with them for Web video. It’s the easiest point and shoot video I’ve ever seem. Any feedback appreciated.

  • In a snit

    Jason Calacanis is in a snit over ads in Netscape’s RSS full feeds — and for good reason. Tags: RSS | news feeds