Month: June 2007

  • Brittney Gilbert strikes a chord

    More on Brittney Gilbert, the Nashville blogger who abruptly quit her job, as a full-time blogger for a Nashville TV station … Cory Bergman Steve Safran Terry Heaton Michael Silence: Here, here, here, here, here, here, here. here, here and the poll Glenn Reynolds here and here. David Oatney Trace Sharp Rex Hammock And much,…

  • Bryan on Ryan

    Bryan Murley interviews Ryan Sholin. Tags: Ryan Sholin | Innovation in College Media


    Brittney Gilbert, a really distinctive voice and blogging pioneer at a MSM TV station, resigned her job. Here’s her resignation post on Nashville is Talking and a post on her personal site. Apparently, a blog slug fest over a link she did was the last hit she wanted to take. Perhaps by being the beneficiary…