Month: June 2007

  • Sullivan sighting

    This must rank just behind a Paris sighting among celebrity watchers. While the paparazzi didn’t get his photo, journalism professor and blogger Bryan Murley cornered Will Sullivan of exclusive Palm Beach for an online interview. Sullivan on blogging: My blog format evolved out of basically trying to save my sanity. I started off in the…

  • Sign of the times

    This knoxnews sign went up on the News Sentinel building yesterday. This was taken about 7;30 a.m. today from the U.S. 129 ramp back to I-40/75 westbound Thanks Bruce Hartmann, Lisa Duncan and Mark Beaty! Tags: News Sentinel | knoxnews | newspapers

  • Lock me in the open platform

    Whew, everybody’s gaga over Facebook. It’s the “new, new” thing and it isn’t even new! Just look at these blog search results. What changed? Well, expanding it beyond college students helped, but the rage yesterday was a new study that found, heavens, most Facebook at college-educated over-achieving yuppie pups. It’s interesting reading. But really what’s…