Month: March 2008

  • Magic formula for citizen journalism remains elusive

    John Ndege blogs the demise of his London-based ScribbleSheet citizen journalism site, which launched last September, in a post titled “The Problem with Citizen Journalism.”. Ndege has some observations. Among them, he thinks NowPublic may have a potentially sucessful model, particularly as a result of its agreement with the Associated Press. ScribbleSheet is another in…

  • Good news for a good idea

    Scott Karp’s Publish2 has raised $2.75 million in Series A funding from Velocity Interactive Group. Congratulations! Read the news. I’ve been experimenting in one area of Publish2 and Karp’s vision of the future, link journalism. I had been dabbling in extensive outside linking as “the content” rather than “supplemental content” before I ran into Karp’s…

  • What I’m sharing

    Don’t forget to see my shared Google Reader items. Add it your reader (a Read the Shared Reader thing).