Month: March 2008

  • The 50-year flood is here

    2007 was the worst year for newspaper advertising in 50 years, according to industry trade group, the Newspaper Association of America. Revenues were down industry-wide by 9.4 percent. Online ad revenues were up 18.8 percent, but make up but 7.5 percent of the pie. And worse, online ad revenue growth has significantly slowed. It grew […]

  • Speaking of speaking again

    Someone screwed up again and put me on a conference panel next week as part of something at UT called “Public Conversation on Web Journalism.” Ah, yes, the blog is named “random mumblings” for a reason. Tennessee Journalist has all the details so if you are interested in journalistic issues, particularly of the digital variety, […]

  • Angry Journalist as career Yoda

    What? Angry Journalist sees future in much-maligned industry for J-School grads? Call it optimism tempered by realism, Yoda teaches careers in journalism. Bryan Murley pointed me to a great piece on his Innovation in College Media blog by Kiyoshi Martinez, founder of Angry Journalist. The piece is aimed at journalists trying to enter the work […]