Month: March 2008

  • Take Steve Outing’s classified survey

    Steve Outing, whose has got something going with Techgrl and who has a nice start with, has yet another site in development, He’s looking for people in classifieds or at media companies who make strategy decisions involving classifieds and advertising to take his survey. Consultants, academics, etc. who have expertise in the classifieds…

  • Baseball time

    The Bearden baseball team had a long scrimmage with Anderson County on Sunday. It’s baseball time again! See more photos from the scrimamge.

  • Jack and Hill

    The YouTube effect on the presidential campaigns continues to be among the more interesting innovations in the 2008 campaign. Fred Thompson used YouTube effectively — maybe he thought he was going to run from the YouTube video “porch?” Then there was Justin Dylan and’s “Yes We Can” video. Now here’s a very funny video…